Your Voice on the Park Board


Liz has worked to make sure the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board puts sustainability into all facets of its work. From using LEED and 3B standards in capital projects, increasing the recycling capacity of our park sites to more plans for native plants in our green spaces, Liz is thinking about the generations to come and not leaving them with huge costs either financial or ecological.

Citizen Engagement

Liz worked with her co commissioners to pass a citizen engagement ordinance that requires that the community be involved with new or renewed capital improvements in our parks. She has also been excited to have included a new division within the park board for Community Engagement. It’s just not night meetings anymore. We now meet people where and when they are in the parks to get their opinions on a variety of park board plans and programming.

Equitable Access

Liz is making the parks and park programming available to all. From additional riverfront access along the river in North and Northeast, to the 20 year Neighborhood Park Plan with its first of its kind Equity Matrix for park spending, Liz is working to make access to quality parks a citywide initiative.

Fiscal Responsibility

Liz has worked diligently with outside partners to bring more funding to Minneapolis Parks including working with the Minneapolis Parks Foundation on RiverFirst implementation and at Wirth Park with the Loppet to bring more outdoor recreation in winter without the added high costs. During her tenure the workplace has become more efficient with our new Forestry tree removal system that not only goes quick as can be, but keeps our employees safe.