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Carol Becker, Minneapolis Board of Estimate

Lorrie Stromme

Jim Billings

Jenny Fortman

Edna Brazaitis

Michael Wilson

Lou Burdick

Michael Romens

Diane and Tony Hofstede

Steve Christensen

Chris and Lilly Bubser

Doug Carlson

Audrey Cullen

David Wheeler, Pres. Board of Estimate

John Chaffee

Suzy Durkacs

Kari Dziedzic, Minnesota Senate

Marie Meyer

John Erwin, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Connie Sullivan

Judy Farmer, Former School Board Member

Dan Brady

Barb Sullivan

Shawne FitzGerald

Dick Gilyard

Egan Haugesag

Clareyse Nelson

Patty Hillmeyer, Former District 1 Park Commissioner

Pat Vogel

Lisa Hondros

Katie and Rick Fournier

John Vandermyde

Linda Higgins, County Commissioner

Dorothy Hughes

Pat Lewis

Barb Lickness

Chris Pratt

Katie McCarthy

Ted Tucker

Chris Johnson

Kevin Upton

Phyllis Kahn, Past Minnesota House Representative

Ruthann and Adrian Swanson

Robin Marty

Dar Gerber

Diane Loeffler, Minnesota House of Representatives

Donna Norberg

Barry Clegg and Roberta Swanson

Anita Tabb, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Mike Vennewitz

Gavin Watt

Anthony Beard

Jeremy and Karlene Wieland

Andy and Bobby Wielinski

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